Why Drink in the Box?

When Precidio set out to make the ultimate travel drink box, we knew details mattered.

  • It had to be really convenient, meaning it needed to travel well and could fit into lunch boxes and lunch bags easily.
  • We knew that it had to be made of highest quality of materials that are safe and durable so that it could be used by kids, and reused.
  • We knew it couldn’t make kids lunches soggy or splash on their clothes, so no leaks.
  • We knew the straw had to be attached to not be lost.
  • We care about our workers, so we make sure our factories are safe for their employees, fair, and fully audited.

Welcome to Precido’s Drink in the Box.


Drink in the Box is the best way to replace disposable juice boxes, and provide your family with a healthy, earth friendly alternative.

  • They have the same shape as a disposable container, and with the push button opening lid and bright colors, are even more fun
  • It is a great way to encourage your kids to hydrate with water and sliced fruit or quality drinks
  • Because they are transparent, you can see what you are drinking.  Disposables can hide mold (Ewwww)
  • We used to call our product “Juice in the Box”, but we felt so strongly about reducing sugar in kids diets and “juice” is now perceived as “sugar”, so we changed our name to “Drink in the Box”.
We love them for packing healthy snacks and drinks in a reusable container

STOP using disposable juice boxes.

Drink in the Box offers convenience and lets you provide healthy, low-sugar drinks to your kids.

  • Did you know that the average disposable juice box can hold up to 7 teaspoons (28 grams) of sugar?
  • Drinking just 2 disposable juice boxes a day adds up to 30 pounds or 13 kilograms of sugar each year from this source alone.
  • You can send water with sliced fruit or berries instead of juice for a better drink.

In 5 years, 1 trillion disposable juice boxes will go to landfills.


End to end, they would wrap around the earth +1400 times or go to the moon 152  times.

Help stop this environmental disaster.  Drink in the Box is a healthy, reusable way!

  • A Better Choice
  • A Better Planet
  • A Better Drink Box.