Choose the Parts Kit that is right for YOUR Drink in the Box:

Keep your Drink in the Box working with our Replacement Parts Kits and Cleaning Kits.  Our Classic Drink in the Box has separate kits for 8 oz and 12 oz size , where the new Modern Drink in the Box series has Replacement Parts and also a new Cleaning Kit.  These photos show you which kit is designed for your unique Drink in the Box

Two new Cleaning and Replacement parts kits for the new Modern Drink in the Box

Our new 2020 Modern Drink in the Box design has 2 new kits.  One with a cleaning brush and spare straws, the other has a full medical grade silicone spout and seal, plus even more straws.  Both Kits fit the 8 oz and 12 oz sizes as we included both straw lengths inside.

click here to see us do it in action!

Ice on the Box

Keep them chilled! Keep your drinks cold and refreshing with our Ice on the Box freezer gel pack. Safety tested for kids, keep this sleeve in the freezer until needed and slip it on the bottom of your Drink in the Box, filled with cold liquids. The stirrup on the bottom will keep it from slipping off, as it keeps your water, fresh juice or even MILK cold until lunch time. It even keeps the rest of the lunch cold at the same time!


Scribble on the Box is a dishwasher friendly dry-erase crayon and reusable vinyl label kit for your Drink in the Box. Perfect for sending little notes to your child, or to let them personalize their Drink in the Box, so as to not be mixed up with other kid’s ones. 8 labels and 4 safety approved crayons included. Each label will last many weeks of dishwasher cycles!