Will a Drink in the Box (DIB) leak?
DIB is designed to be leak and squirt proof when the lid is closed. When the lid is open, both the straw and the small air intake hole are open, so if your child knocks it over, it may dribble a bit, this is normal. DIB is not designed to be watertight when open.
Make sure you hear a click when closing, to confirm it is closed and will not leak. Check to see the seal has 2 fins which are not warped, cut or twisted, to keep is watertight. Any concerns about the seals, just contact us for support. DIB is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.
What age is recommended for DIB?
Age 3+ to 93. (no kidding, it’s great for the “more mature crowd”, as it helps those with mobility problems!)
How do I open the top of my DIB?
The top of Drink in the Box is designed to fit tightly with the waterproof silicone seal. To open, just grab onto the lid (while closed not in the open position) and gently wiggle back and forth, while pulling up. The top will come off.
How to I put the top back on?
Note the bottom section has a cut-out on one of the top edges, to let the button fit down inside. Make sure your top lid is turned to let the button back down this slot. As DIB’s top is quite tightly sealed, be sure to push the top back down only when the lid is in the OPEN position. Fill to the fill line marked on the lower section, and push down slowly. This will let air out of the air hole, and stop the straw from squirting to release the air pressure for pushing the lid down.
Is DIB good to give to my kids in bed?
DIB is good in bed, but not meant to lie down with, as DIB needs to be upright to keep the air hole clear. If you open the lid and tip it over, the straw will allow liquid out, as it is open for kids to sip out of.
Is DIB Dishwasher Safe?
DIB is made from TRITAN, which is OK to put on the TOP SHELF of the dishwasher only. As the heating coil on dishwashers gets VERY HOT, it can melt DIB (or any plastic products) if placed on the bottom shelf. That would not be covered under warranty. Also the DIB is not to be cleaned in a glass baby bottle steam cleaner units, as they are exceptionally hot, and it will distort the shape of your DIB and warp it.
Can I leave Juice in my Drink in the Box?
Sure, in a cold fridge, it stores well. We do NOT recommend you leave any juice residue in a DIB out of the fridge, as the sugar of juice, bacteria floating in the air and warm temperatures can be a way to promote mold to grow. We strongly recommend you wash your DIB daily, after each use, to keep it clean, and ready to go!
Can I freeze my DIB?
We do not recommend you put DIB in the freezer. Liquids expand in the freezer and can damage DIB or distort the shape causing it to leak as it defrosts. Also, if the contents is frozen, the straw will not fit! We make Ice on the Box, which is a reusable ice gel pack, which will keep your DIB cold too!
I lost my straw, what do I do?
You may purchase our Replacement Parts Kit for Drink in the Box, which will give you 3 more straws, a new spout, a new seal and a new button, to keep your DIB in working order!
How does Drink in the Box reduce my child’s sugar consumption?
Easy, and it is FUN to do! Just dilute the Juice in your child’s drink with water, and you will reduce sugar. Keep increasing the water percentage until you are just using water and some fresh sliced fruit, or berries, and they have a fun snack when the water is done!
Can I write my child’s on my DIB with marker?
Yes, this will work, but we make Scribble on the Box which will let your child draw with 4 dry-erase crayons, and wipe them off when they like. Scribble has 8 vinyl labels which will last even in the dishwasher for weeks of washes each!
How do I get my child to drink more water?
Many parents put 4 or 6 DIB in the fridge with water and berries, to there is always a fun, healthy drink ready to grab and go!
Is DIB good for parties?
Yes. Use them as loot bag treats after the kids drink from them during the party!
Is DIB safe?
Yes. DIB is made from BPA, BPS and Phthalates free material called TRITAN™. This is a premiere, American-made material used heavily by quality housewares companies and medical products industry. Tritan™ is durable, dishwasher safe (top shelf only), and will not leach any chemicals into the liquids you and your family drink.
Where do you ship from?
Canadian orders are shipped from St. Catharines, ON
US Orders are shipped from Nashville, TN
International orders are shipped from our head office in Oakville, ON
If I have a problem or question, where do I go?
You can email our support line at talktous@precidio.com
What is your warranty?
We have a one year limited warranty on any manufacturer’s defects. We do not warranty damage caused by overheating in a dishwasher (you must use the top shelf only), using children sterilizers, or misuse or abuse.
Do tell your friends where you purchased DIB and spread the word!