Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box are the perfect items to sell at your
next fundraiser event.  Buy from Precidio at a discount!

Imagine a fundraising drive that you can feel good about. A drive that not only sells through, but actually helps kids and our planet get healthier. Now you can purchase Drink in the Box in our 24 pc cases, and Snack in the Box in 16 pc cases, at a discount from suggested retail pricing and contribute the profit to the event of your choice.

Email us at: talktous@precidio.com for more information.


Check out these great features of Drink in the Box:

  • The world’s first and only reusable juice box for kids and families concerned with the quality of what they drink.
  • Kids love the design and are eager to use them, and make sure they don’t forget them at school!
  • Great to leave filled with water and fruit slices in the fridge for after school drinks
  • Won’t leak or squirt! No more soggy lunches
  • Patented
  • Helps reduce up to 30 POUNDS of sugar from a child’s annual diet when replacing 2 disposable juice boxes a day
  • Help stop the 132 Billion disposable juice containers hitting our landfills each year!
  • Enables parents to hydrate their children without the push back from kids
  • Addresses the growing issue of MOLD found in disposable juice boxes
Available in 5 great colors and an assortment of cool accessories it is sure to be a hit for your next fundraiser.