Kafe in the Box is unique… like you
Light, splash proof
16 ounces of getting things done on the run (a standard “Large” size”)
Help our earth: Bring Kafé with you in place of non-recyclable paper coffee/tea cups
Block out the world
Return to the center
Kafé in the Box is your TEA CHAKRA
Kafé in Box is your perfect driving buddy
Fits car cup holders
Sliding tab to lock in aroma and splashes
Colors to match your style
Bring with you to your fav café – disposables aren’t recyclable!
See your Barista’s creation through the clear walls
The perfect cup for the perfect latte moment…
The ultimate Nitro Coffee reusable cup!
  • Microbubbles don’t react with Tritan like paper cups

Perfect for cold brew coffee aficionados


  • Tritan™ inner cup doesn’t interact with flavors
  • Coffee subtleties always retained
  • Double wall insulates your hands from hot or cold


DIFFERENT: Show your style with a square travel cup
PORTABLE: much lighter than stainless or ceramic travel mugs
EASY: to pull apart and clean in the Dishwasher
SAFE: BPA/BPS and Phthalate Free USA-Tritan™ inner and PolyPro base and lid (used in yogurt and ice cream containers)

Match your smartphone colors: Black, Bronze, Silver and White
Your size, your style

  • 12 oz / 355 ml
  • 16 oz / 473 ml

Perfect “Medium” or “Large” café sizes

Kafé in Box is a joy to drink from
Its sculpted lid fits your lip’s contours perfectly
It’s like getting a HUG with every sip…